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Pin Board Custom: your own size and finish!

More options than you can imagine

We're the only company specialized in custom production of pin boards, from 1 up to 1.000.000 pieces. A large variety of boards can be made on order, fully to custom requirements. Follow the three steps below for your custom pin board of choice! 

1 Choose your pin board surface
Pin boards can be used for a large variety of applications. Depending on the type of use, we advise a specific type of pin board surface. This is determined mostly by the intensity of use. However, it is also important that the looks of the pin board are up to your taste! That is something you have to define yourself. For the material types, we provide the following guidelines:

Type of use
Pin board surface
Felt (Pro Series)
Bulletin (Bulletin Series)

Pin board custom

2 Choose your colour
Now that you have determined your desired pin board surface, let's focus on its colour. We offer many different types.
Cork, we offer in only one single colour. Exactly the one you are probably familiar with!


Felt we offer in 14 different colours. For every taste and for every interior, we've got a colour that fits. All made of the same high quality durable felt.


Our Bulletin material is from Forbo, who have been producing Bulletin for many years. We offer it in 6 more natural colours, in line with the organic nature of the material itself.


3 Choose your size
Basically, the amount of space available is the only limit. Only restrictions are the rolls of materials used for the production of pin boards, which have a width of 120 cm. This means that pin boards can be made up to 120x240 cm (cork and felt) and even 120x300 cm (Bulletin). If you would still like a larger pin board, we will make use of a construction of separate pin board panels, as shown on the right below. This construction can be extended endlessly.

Pin boards custom

4 Choose your finish
Depending on your type of use and taste, we offer multiple types of finishing.

No Frame
When used in construction or when building pin board panels into existing constructions or furniture, this can be the desired finishing. Inquire our sales department for the exact dimensions of these panels.

Finished with an aluminum frame
The most common way of finishing a pin board. Our standard finish consisting of aluminum frames combined with gray corners, is the one used on our Pin Board Classic, Pro and Bulletin Series. All of these aluminum frames are well designed and extremely durable. Available in four configurations, to everyone's taste.

Finished with a wooden frame
For those wanting a more classic look and feel, we offer 4 types of wooden frames as well. Two with a natural birch and cherry outlook and a black and white one.

Aluminum profiles
Standard aluminum profile with grey and black corners.

Aluminum profiles
Anthracite aluminum frame, with corresponding corners.

Wooden profiles
Birch and cherry wooden frames.

Wooden profiles
White and black wooden frames.

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