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Pin Board Frameless Series

The only frameless pin board
Beautifully designed
Top quality felt
42 colour combinations
Perfect for intensive use

Pin Board Frameless Series

A lot of customers have asked us, whether it was possible to supply pin boards without a frame. Specifically for this need, we developed our Pin Board Frameless Series! It is equipped with our Pro Series durable and resilient felt, and finished with a minimalistic black, white or aluminum frame that is only visible from the sides. To top it off, we supply it in 14 different colours of felt! Our most stylish and revolutionary pin board! 

Thanks to its minimalistic design, this pin board looks as stunning as a pin board can be. Also, these pin boards can be combined endlessly on walls by hanging them close to each other. You'll create an entire pin board wall consisting of multiple pin board blocks! Not that much space on your wall? Don't worry: a single Frameless Series pin board looks very stylish on its own already. Thanks to your wide choice in colours, there will always be one that fits your interior.

These pin boards consist of three layers; a top layer of the best quality felt, a core of 9 mm soft board and a backing of 8 mm HDF hard board to strengthen the board. It therefore purely consists of high quality and robust components, guaranteeing a long and durable lifespan. Its minimalistic frame keeps it all in place and allows you to install it on your wall. Wall fixings are included. 

Our pin board Frameless Series is available in 14 colours of felt, 3 colours of frames and multiple sizes. Make your choice in the overview below. Have you got a question about our Frameless Series pin boards or would you like advice? Feel free to contact us!

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